Paperpile New

I'm happy to announce a new open-source citation manager called Paperpile, based on many of the same principles that led to SyncUThink:

  • Seamlessly integrate with the Web
  • Simple interface, solid backend
  • You manage Your data

We set up a Paperpile-alpha Google Group for interested alpha testers, and you can visit to see when a public release becomes available.

Like SyncUThink? Try Paperpile!
About SyncUThink is an automated program for fetching and storing PDFs from your CiteULike library. It does three things with each article in your library:
  1. Find it.

    SyncUThink uses a combination of web crawling and some clever regular expressions to find the PDF associated with your article and stores it back in CiteULike.

  2. Sync down.

    SyncUThink can download your PDFs to your computer, for easy offline (or e-book based) reading and annotation.

  3. Sync up.

    If a file has been modified on your computer, SyncUThink will re-upload the latest version. This way, your PDF annotations will stay up-to-date and backed up on CiteULike.


  • 2009-11-13: Fixed a few more bugs where SyncUThink downloaded nonsensical PDFs from publisher websites.

Some other useful info:

  • Errors: if you keep getting errors with certain citations, let me know! You can reach me at gjuggler [at] gmail [dot] com. Specific article ID numbers are helpful, and it would be especially nice to have a copy of the Java console output, if you know how to find that sort of thing.

  • NoPDF: if you have articles that you don't want SyncUThink to find PDfs for, then simply add the tag "nopdf" (or any tag containing that word) to the article.
More info Created by Greg Jordan, Jan 2008.

Libraries used: Processing | Apache HttpClient | JSAP

E-mail me with bug reports or suggestions: gjuggler [at] gmail